Customer Feedback - Angie Carpenter CA says "Royal jelly has been a part of my diet for several years, but it wasn't until I tried your TotalBee, with the pollen and propolis that I really started to feel better. Royal jelly and the bee pollen provide me with lots of energy throughout the day, and I know the propolis is working to help keep me free from colds and flu, as I have been for 3 years now. Thanks!"

Customer Feedback - Bob Ellis Sacramento CA says "It amazes me how many pills we take daily which have absolutley no affect on how we feel, yet we continue to take them. In TotalBeePlus, for the first time I'm actually starting to feel and look better. This is the best natural anti aging product [I've ever tried] skin, hair and nails are healthier than they've been in years and I have so much more energy. I'm also sleeping better than ever!"

Customer Feedback - Amy Sorensen Nashville TN says "Great product! Bee pollen works great for me for weight loss and regulation. I pop two caps of TotalBee about a half hour before meals and it curbs my appetite a lot, so I eat less. I also fell more energetic and my skin looks great. I've tried your royal jelly skin creme on wrinkles and it's fantastic!"